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Techniques for restoring damaged hair to be soft and flowing.

Dry and damaged hair is caused by lack of moisture. Inadequate nourishment or inability to retain moisture. Makes hair without weight, frizzy, brittle and easily torn. There are many causes of dry and damaged hair. This may be caused by improper hair care, weather conditions, age and certain

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water While Pregnant.

The nutrients in coconut water will support the health of mother and fetus. Thus, it may reduce the risk of the following health problems and complications during pregnancy. Prevent dehydration Your doctor may advise you to drink more water when pregnant. On average, about 3 liters per

The many benefits of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is not produced by our bodies and can be obtained from foods rich in vitamin A. Such as meat, organ meats, eggs, milk and dairy products, fruits and vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Carrots and tomatoes. The daily recommended intake of vitamin A for adults

Food sources high in Beta Carotene.

Beta Carotene is the substance that gives red, orange and yellow colors in fruits and vegetables. The benefits of beta-carotene have many health benefits. Such as protecting the skin, protecting the eyes, nourishing the brain and improving overall health. Beta-carotene is a pigment found in yellow,