Techniques for restoring damaged hair to be soft and flowing.

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Dry and damaged hair is caused by lack of moisture. Inadequate nourishment or inability to retain moisture. Makes hair without weight, frizzy, brittle and easily torn. There are many causes of dry and damaged hair. This may be caused by improper hair care, weather conditions, age and certain congenital diseases.

Healthy hair is Hair that is soft, shiny, weighty, not dry, damaged, frizzy or tangled need to be maintained regularly. UFABET Both from using hair care products and eating to maintain healthy hair from the inside.


Most shampoos contain sulfates, which are surfactants that cause foaming. Helps to cleanse the dirt that remains on the scalp and hair. Including the removal of fat that is essential to the hair and scalp. People with dry and damaged hair should choose a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. To prevent hair from being exposed to chemicals and to help improve hair health.

In addition, if washing your hair with too hot water It might even dry out your hair. Should use warm or cold water to wash your hair to prevent loss of hair’s natural fat.

Adding moisture to the hair

Using hair conditioner after shampoo every time. It will nourish the hair and replenish the moisture lost after shampooing. May use leave-in conditioners or leave-in conditioners or hair oils after shampooing. Such as coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil, etc. Focusing on the ends of the hair. This is the part that is dry and prone to frizz. 

Combing hair

Improper combing can cause hair to fall out, become brittle and break easily. If I get tangle Use a wide-toothed brush or comb to loosen tangled hair. This will help prevent hair breakage or hair loss.

After washing hair Should use a towel to absorb the water gently. Do not wipe or rub your hair vigorously as this will cause more hair to fall out. And should let the hair dry naturally. Then slowly comb your hair. Because combing the tangled hair while drying will be easier and reduce hair loss better than combing wet hair.