Zakaria, according to the script, tells the dream come true playing the premier

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Denis Zakaria, midfielder, red sign, Chelsea, sweet-mouthed, says his dream come true to play ufabet in the Premier League. Ready to aim for the team to win the championship

Zakaria made his Chelsea debut on Friday, September 2, having joined from Juventus on a one-season contract with an option to buy for £30 million.

“It has always been my dream to play in the Premier League. And to be at a big club like Chelsea, it’s really cool.”

“As I said before. I am very happy and proud. to be here I am ready to give 100 per cent for the club and of course I want to win trophies with the team. I can’t wait to meet the fans at Stamford Bridge.”

Zakaria will not be available to help Chelsea this weekend to open the nest in London. Derby vs West Ham as work permit is in progress or work permit in England.

He didn’t get his move, as you are aware, which has probably made things pretty awkward in the club’s dressing room.

However, Ajax are open to discussing a January transfer with Chelsea, according to Mike Verweij.

The Amsterdam outfit may hold talks in the coming days over a winter transfer, meaning Alvarez may well get his dream move.

The 24-year-old was pretty upset his move to Stamford Bridge didn’t materialise but arrived on Friday morning to say he is willing to put the saga behind him and focus on succeeding at Ajax, Verweij claims.