Park Ji-sung has been appoint technical director of Hyundai Motors’ K-League

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Former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-sung has been appoint technical director of Hyundai Motors’ K-League.

The former South Korean midfielder is consider a hero at Old Trafford as he spent seven successful seasons under Sir Alex Ferguson.

He has helped the Red Devils achieve domestic and European success. While winning four Premier League titles and one Champions League trophy. During his time at United Park. He made more than 200 appearances scoring 27 goals.

Before moving to Queens Park and PSV until his retirement in 2014.

Park recently coached QPR in the youth team.

But now sits as technical director for Chonbuk.

Who previously serve as a consultant.

“My responsibility has increased. I want to make changes to the club.” Park Ji-sung said.

“I want to bring European culture to South Korean football. I want the players to be more professional.”

“As I live in Europe. If I had a player to sign from Europe It can be done easily.”

He said: ‘My responsibilities have increased. I want to make changes at the ufabet club.

‘I want to put European culture into Korean football. I want the players to become more professional.

‘As I live in Europe. if I have a player to sign in Europe, it can be done easily.’

Jeonju-based Jeonbuk said in a club statement. ‘With this transition, Park’s managerial capacity will be greatly expand.’